What the heck is Cupcake Coding?

Imagine you gave your average 9-5 cubicle worker a box of cupcakes whose main ingredients are finely crushed Moon bars, the original Coca Cola & catnip. Then, you made him watch an hour long comedy special while he worked in one of those work stations with a treadmill. In TL;DR terms that explains nothing & everything at the same time; that’s what this place is.

Yep. That’s Cupcake Coding. You’re probably wondering how it got to this place? Well, the idea for it started from a decade long lost fine art of tutorial meets comedy style videos called TheNewBoston. Before I found that channel, in all honesty.. I kind of hated programming. The teachers I had through school sucked & had no patience, and this would just ruin coding and school for me in general. I thought education is supposed to be a struggle.

But then came along Bucky.. and suddenly it wasn’t just weird symbols and math and struggle. It was educational, sure, but it was about bacon, cheese, kool things about Bucky, corndogs and whatnot. It was entertaining & interesting and made things fun which is why Bucky’s videos have millions of views even though they’re just programming tutorials. Many people have thanked him for this, some went on to become Google Engineers & most had general success in coding. This first post (and CupcakeCoding in general) is in a way a tribute to the original teachers that knew how to.. well, teach!

However, even though I believe that his videos should be put in “The Early Days of Yore-Tube Museum”, I also think that two things can be improved.

First is the humor aspect. While Bucky had a fun feel to it, the humor was sprinkled in and there was a bigger focus on the educational aspect. And, yeah.. No Poo, Scooby Doo! These are TUTORIALS. Regardless, we live in a more modern world where Wendy’s Twitter, Elon Musk & other wanna be FellowKids Boomer companies gained influence just applying comedy in a really well way (and often not so well but I’m sure middle aged moms still found it funny). Plus, when something is funny or interesting, you remember it easier! That’s why CupcakeCoding is entertainment first & education second, where humor is cracked up several degrees to the point where it’s funny and random just enough to a high degree where it won’t break through The Cringe Zone.. hopefully.

Second are a lack of tasks. Many beginners get handheld by tutorials forever like a baby bird that never gets pushed out of the nest & never learns to fly. Well, on here, we are kicking you out as soon as you turn 18 hours old.. there’s clucking bills to pay! Get it..? Bills? Anyway, on Cupcake Coding, you can find numerous tasks whether you are a cupcake or a wedding cake in terms of difficulty and/or complexity. An inspiration for this came from Helsinki’s Java MOOC, a must-try tutorial for Java where there were actual tasks to go through.. so it’s like that instead the tasks got pied in the face by Bugs Bunny & got kissed on the mouth immediately afterwards. These tasks are finely crafted to be educational, memorable, useful and, most importantly, fun!


So, Welcome to Cupcake Coding. Because learning CAN be fun. 🙂

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