Helo Vörld

Hello everyone!!! I am a student who is just a beginner with coding. I used to dislike it and found it difficult but now im like 💜🥺💜.

I first started coding with php. I was like :0 this gonna be hard. There was lots of stuff to learn and memorize. I was studying by reading from w3schools first and also trying to code it myself. When I reached the loops part im like o.o very complicated. Everything was getting more complicated but i didnt lose motivation ofc. The forms part was 🧐. Im like what are these stuff get post etc. So new to me.

But then with practice i understood everything fast ehehe 🥳. Even though it gets more complicated i understand everything fast. After finishing php from w3schools i began to write codes myself and do my tasks. After that everything felt more clear im like yay 🥺. I started to have lots of fun with my codes. I think my favorite part about php is the string functions, idk why just there are many for lots of different thing and they are fun. Hardest part could be looping through arrays ig 🤔.

I still sometimes feel like i dont know what im doing with the arrays and loops but in the end it works out well so np.

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